The essence of our practice

Tai chi, qigong, and meditation are the tools of our practice. Qigong (energy work) is a discipline unto itself and an umbrella under which tai chi and meditation rest in Traditional Chinese medicine. Through the complimentary practices of movement and stillness, we foster health and peace of mind. Through their practice may our capacity for goodness and wisdom be more fully realized.


For our Health

The relaxed fluid movements of tai chi and qigong gently manipulate joints and stimulate respiration and circulation. Balance, coordination, and muscle strength are improved, and the functioning of our body’s vital systems is enhanced. In meditation practice we learn to observe, and consequently change, our tendencies toward habitual and conditioned responses to our environment. We learn to live in the present and to meet daily stressors with equanimity and poise. With continued practice, vibrant health and a general “ease of being” begins to permeate our lives.


For self-defense

True martial proficiency requires training techniques beyond Full Circle’s approach and outside our philosophical intent. All who practice these disciplines consistently, though, gain a benefit of self protection. In the words of the influential teacher and tai chi master, Fong Ha, “A mind that is free and at peace will recognize immediately either kindness or aggression, correctly interpreting and responding appropriately to any touch, whether that touch is mental, physical or spiritual. In this sense our practice is a martial art.”